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Log Handling Crane



Log Handling Cane


Specifications for:

125’/155’/170’ x 25 Ton
Electric Log Handling Cranes



Description and Scope of Supply

Quality Log Handling Cranes are available in 125’, 155’ and 175’ radius units with or without traveling grapples which allow for a wide range of options and storage capacities. They are designed to unload tree length or double bunk logs from trucks, stack and store in a multiple ring circular storage area and/or feed them onto your Log Processing System’s Infeed Deck or Conveyor System.

The Arched Frame Truss design on the Quality Log Handling Cranes is stronger and has a higher rated capacity (25 Tons compared to 20 Tons) then many of its competitors. The crane pivots at ground level and is supported on an “A” Frame equipped with two electrically driven, AC-Vector Drives with hydraulically activated safety braking. They run on a circular rail and are counterweighted at the tail pivot to reduce the size of the massive concrete pivot structure required on many of our competitor’s cranes. The Log Crane cantilevers 65 feet beyond the “A” Frame to the center line of the Log Grapple and is approximately 60’ above rail level.

The 25 square foot/25 ton capacity fixed position MACK GRAPPLE is self contained. Optional 360 degree rotation and travel is available (traveling grapple is standard on 170’ models). The grapple is raised and lowered with an AC-Vector Driven Electric Hoist with hydraulically activated safety braking. Cable sheaves are placed at intermediate locations and at the end of the Log Crane; they support a four line bicycle type block attached with a Two-Axis/Two Pin system preventing any swivel motion between assemblies.

Quality Log Handling Cranes come complete with a pre-wired weather proof electrical enclosures housing the AC-Vector Drives, starters, lighting transformers and terminal strips. Power is supplied to the enclosure through a slip ring at the pivot point. There are two 1000 Watt Metal Halide Flood Lights for low light operation.

Quality Log Handling Cranes packages includes on board operators cab, Stairs, access ladders and service platforms. All necessary rails, rail plates, spikes and crossties are included and they are priced installed, wired and ready to operate, with service and operator training included.

The customer is to supply all civil (dirt) work for the crane and log storage mound (drawing and specifications for civil work are furnished by Quality for customers use). Customer is to supply ample power source to the center of the pivot for connection to Quality supplied collector rings.






Gross Tons per Lift




Track Radius (A)

61’-5 ½”



Grapple Radius (A+B)




Max Grapple Elevation




Max Log Height




Grapple Opening




Max Storage in Cords **




Approximate Shipping Wt

170,000 lbs

183,000 lbs

198,000 lbs


Construction and Operating Specifications:

Hoist System Drum: 26” Diameter x 45” Long Fabricated Steel Drum, Grooved for Cable 330’ Capacity, Single Layer, 7/8 Diameter, 6x19 IWRC Wire Rope

Sheaves: 30” Deep Grooved, Hardened Steel W/ Roller Bearings

Block: Four Part, Bicycle Type, Fabricated Steel Construction W/cable
Accumulation Basket

Drive: 125HP AC-Vector W/ Blower and Encoder Motor Direct Coupled to Planetary Gear Reducer

Braking: Dynamic-Regenerative W/ Safety Brake - Spring Set, Hydraulic Release

Lift Capacity: 50,000# Gross - 38,000# Tare

Lift Speed: Variable: W/Load 0-85 FPM - W/O Load 0-130 FPM

Swing System Rails: 132# AREA Rolled to Radius per Crane Size Specifications, Mounted on 7”x9” Hardwood Ties W/ Tie Plates, Splice Plates and Spikes

Trucks: Fabricated Plate Steel W/ 4ea 24” Diameter Double Flanged Hardened  Steel Wheels and 8ea Roller Bearings

Drive: 2 ea 25Hp AC-Vector W/Encoder Direct Coupled
to Planetary Gear Reducer

Braking: Dynamic-Regenerative W/ Safety Brake - Spring Set, Hydraulic Release

Speed: Variable – 0 to 1-1/2 Revolution of Track per Minute

Grapple Type: Self Contained -“Mack” - 25 sq. ft. – 13’-0” Opening

Radius: Standard Fixed Radius, Non- Rotating on 125’ and 155’ Models,
60’ Traveling Radius, Non-rotating on 170’ models. Traveling Grapple Optional on 155 models.  360 Degree Rotation optional on all units.

Optional Traveling Grapple: (std. on 170’) Travel length 30’ Travel Speed 0-100FPM

Weight: 9,800# w/oil Optional Rotating Grapple weight 11,200# w/oil
Site Preparation Specifications

All site work and concrete work is responsibility of customer and to be provided per QUALITY INDUSTRIES OF AMERICA, INC. drawings and specifications.

Soil: All fill shall be compacted to 95% modified proctor.
Allowable soil bearing pressure 2500PSF

Drainage: Drainage shall be provided around Log Pile to divert water away from mound.

Concrete: All concrete shall comply with specifications of CSRI and shall develop a minimum 28 day compressive strength (F’C) of 3000 PSI

Sub-Ballast: Crusher Run W/Petro-Mat (furnished and installed by Quality)

Ballast: A.R.E.A. #4 or Equal (furnished and installed by Quality)

Ties and Rail: (furnished and installed by Quality)

Power: Customer to supply required power to center pivot including MCC Main Disconnect, Conduit and Wiring per Local Codes and Ordinances.

Important Note!! Failure to strictly follow site preparation drawings and
specifications could result in crane failure and will void warranty.

All permitting required for the installation and operation of the system is the responsibility of the customer.

QUALITY INDUSTRIES OF AMERICA, Inc. reserves the right to modify the
design and specifications of the Log Cranes at any time without notice!

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